Merry Christmas 2021 from McCormick Backpack

CHRISTMAS PARADE - Saturday December 4th at 4:30

We are in the process of decorating a float and golf cart for the parade.  We would love to have all of our volunteers come and walk in the parade to help support the Backpack Ministry.  

We will have a great time and good fellowship.  Plans for a small meet and great afterward is in the works...more details later.

BOARD MEMBERS AND VOLUNTEERS come and join in on December 4th, it will be fun.

For more information contact Roseanne Selby (864) 378-1488 or Becky Sappenfield (912) 658-4978.

•Backpack Ministry

 What Are​ We? •

Let No Child Go Hungry!​

This ministry provides weekend food for preschool and school aged children who have been identified by school personnel 

as in need of nutritious weekend foods.  

The number of children varies on a monthly basis, 

based on family needs and people moving into or out of the area.

The identity of these children is kept confidential.

Together and With Your Continued Help 

"Let No Child Go Hungry"

McCormick County Backpack Ministry

Board Members and School Liaisons

Current  Board Members:

Roseanne Selby

Ray DeShano

Janet H Dukes

Connie Tremski

Vivian Jennings

Arthur Banks

Laverne Moss

Becky Sappenfield

We  have school liaisons that identify the needs of the children

We also have many volunteers to pick up, pack, and deliver the foods to the schools.

We need monetary donors to help keep the ministry going.  We need your help.

"It would melt your heart to see how excited and proud these children are to receive their own food bag"  

C. Callaham


Who Are We?

The McCormick County Backpack Ministry was incorporated in 2015

as a non-profit organization with a 501c tax-exempt status.  We have no employees, only volunteers from various organizations and churches who pick up food, pack, load and deliver to the McCormick Schools and Head Start Programs.  We have nine (9) Board Members.

Thank you to all of our volunteers that make this possible.  

How Do We Function?

We only serve children who have been identified as being in need by school personnel in the McCormick First Steps, Elementary, Middle, High School and Head Start. Each child identified by the school  will receive a bag of nutritious children-friendly food for the weekend.  

The food bags are distributed weekly and will contain enough food to serve one child per weekend.  These food bags are not intended to feed an entire family.

How Does The Program Work?

Each week volunteers pick up the foods from the local Food Lion.  These foods are delivered to the GLEAMNS building to be sorted and bagged by our volunteers.  The bags are delivered to the schools for distribution to the students in need.

Our Cost:

Due to the requirements and standards that we must go by; we do not accept food donations. Only monetary donations.

It costs $6.00 per child per week. It takes approximately $30/month to feed each child.  This cost does vary slightly but this is an average.

We average approximately 133 children each week.

Our yearly goal is $30,000.

We do not have paid employees, only volunteers.

How A​re We ​Funded?

Individuals, organizations, and grants make this mission possible through generous donations, and the volunteers who help pick up, pack, 

and deliver backpacks to the schools. 

 In addition we receive donations from church sponsored events, fundraisers, or they take up special offerings.

You Can Help...

We can provide a 5-10 minute presentation during church, missionary meetings, or business sessions to further explain our program.

Support Volunteers to help pick up, pack or deliver backpacks should contact:

Ms Roseanne Selby

Chairperson Backpack Ministry

Phone:  (864) 378-1488

email: [email protected]


Checks should be mailed to:

McCormick County Backpack Ministry

PO Box 1145

McCormick, SC 29835


[email protected]

or go to:  Donations Page

Your Donations will Help

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Website for Community Calendar  

Help Us Reach Our Goal


Please help us reach our goal of $30,000

to feed the children of McCormick County on the weekends.  

Let NO child go hungry!


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